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One-Handed Joy Con Adapter (left or right)

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A friend of mine on Instagram a few years ago lost the use one of their hands due to cancer, so I designed this one-handed Joy Con adapter so she could continue playing Animal Crossing.

If you've lost the use of a hand, I will print you one of these adapters for free (just pay shipping)! If you just want to try one (without needing the accessibility it offers), you can also purchase them for a small fee.

Or if you have some other accessibility need to play a game, please reach out to me directly @esotericmods on Instagram or by email at

Images show a custom @pinkskullcitymods version, but the version I print will not have a logo on the adapter.

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can also download the .stl from my Thingiverse here: