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Interested in modding Game Boys yourself or want to know where I get some of my parts? Here’s a list!

BennVenn – The creator of the AGS-101 GBC ribbon cable and many other Game Boy mods and hacks

Retro Modding – Game Boy parts and accessories

Bluish Squirrel – Custom lenses and shells

Hand-Held Legend – Tons of great modding supplies

Deadpan Robot – More modding supplies

kitsch-bent – Even more modding supplies, lots of stuff for making chiptunes

Rose Colored Gaming – Display stands for your collection!

KRIKzz – EverDrive Store

Catskull Electronics – Unique products for making chiptunes, home of the Arduinoboy

sudomod – Modding community, home of the Game Boy Zero, mintyPi, and many other projects

Dangerous Games – Replacement boxes and manuals

Thursday Customs – Variable clocks, pro sound, knobs, and more.

Nonfinite Electronics – Very specialized parts for modding, BennVenn occasionally resells products here.

Since I mostly only do the backlit Game Boy Color mod, here are some other modders who specialize in other areas:

Gamechanger Mods – Frontlit Game Boy Colors

AspirationMods – Custom paint jobs and other mods

8bit.jay – 3D printed parts, backlit Game Boys

Jellybelly Customs – Tons of high quality mods, custom molds, etc.

Awesome YouTubers/modders:

KyleAwsm – Kyle makes some of the best tutorials on modding Game Boy Colors as well as other fun videos.

The Retro Future – YouTube channel on retro gaming, mods, and more.

sjm4306 – In-depth tutorials on retro gaming mods, fixing issues, and other electronics.

Roarkes Retro Corner – Touch controls for RGB backlighting of DMGs and lots of other mods you won’t find anywhere else.