How to Fit a GB Boy in a Game Boy Color

I recently purchased a knock-off Game Boy Color called the GB Boy Colour and noticed that the PCB, button layout, and pretty much everything else about it was nearly identical in size and shape to the Game Boy Color, so I decided to see if I could make it fit in an actual Game Boy Color shell.

The one nice thing about the GB Boy is its LCD. But the one bad thing about the GB Boy is also its LCD. It’s nice that it’s backlit, but the aspect ratio is stretched out horizontally. Still, if you’re on a budget or you want something to give your kids and not have to worry about them breaking an expensive retro item, the GB Boy isn’t a bad way to go (you can get them here).

Fitting it into the Game Boy Color shell was easier than expected, but is still a moderate to semi-advanced mod. If you want a proper backlit Game Boy Color, then really the only option you should be looking at is the BennVenn AGS-101 mod.

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