Trimmed Tri-Wing Screws (For AGS-101 Mod)


OEM GBC Screws cut to fit the screw brackets in the AGS-101 mod.


If you’re modding your Game Boy Color with the AGS-101 LCD and using screw brackets to close it all up, you’ll notice that normal-sized tri-wing GBC screws are too long and will dig into the back of your LCD. I cut the screws to the exact size with a jeweler’s saw and then file off the burr.

The top two screws will be cut to medium length for use with screw brackets and the middle two screws will be cut to very short to just be glued into place (to complete the look of an original Game Boy Color).

This kit includes 4 screws (2 med and 2 very short).

Additional information

Weight 0.01 lbs